Hi and welcome to Niki's Russian Club!
I build this community with one simple idea:
to give you more ways for practicing Russian language daily.
Join to meet like-minded people around the world and get in touch with Russian natives!
Is Niki's Russian Club right for me?
You will find my club interesting and helpful if:

  • you just started learning Russian and seek for guidance
  • you can speak some Russian and look for additional practice
  • you want to meet Russian natives and other language learners
This club is NOT a replacement for a teacher, this is rather a good addition to self-learning or studying Russian with a teacher.
What exactly do you have for me?
  1. Weekly catch-up calls. Every single week we meet on Zoom to keep in touch and have a friendly chat about Russian language and culture. Join to discuss your learning progress, chat with people, and ask natives to explain anything you find complicated about our language.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Monthly workshops. At least once a month we host a Zoom workshop where you can learn more about our language and culture. This is a great opportunity to learn something interesting and then practice conversational language in a moderated discussion.-----------------------------------------------------------
  3. Active group chat. It's a place to connect with other Russian learners. There's someone chatting every single day, and we often have a native community manager joining the chat!-----------------------------------------------------------
  4. Homework assignments. We help you with picking homework assignments, you get it done, and then have our feedback.
How can I join the club?
Our club is based on Telegram, and you can join us by subscribing monthly (€10) or annually (€100).

  1. Download Telegram and create an account
  2. Choose between monthly or annually subscription. The link will lead you to Telegram app. Click "Join channel"
  3. You will receive a message from @donate bot. Click "Subscribe"
  4. Enter payment details (Visa/MasterCard)
  5. Finish the payment.
  6. Done! You'll be automatically added to Niki's Russian Club channel. There you get all links to our resources.
Our events in July
  • Catch-up Call with Niki (July 10, 16:00 GMT)
  • Catch-up Call with Sonya (July 17, 16:00 GMT)
  • Catch-up Call with Sonya (July 24, 16:00 GMT)
  • Workshop [cooking a simple meal of Russian cuisine] (Last week of July)
  • Catch-up Call with Niki (July 31, 16:00 GMT)
Meet some of our members!
active member since January 2022
"Hi! My name is William, and I’m from Berlin, Germany.
I find the Russian culture to be very interesting, and besides that Russian people are lovely! I want to travel through Russia next year, so I have to improve my Russian. The club is perfect for that, and it’s interesting to get to know the other members🙂"
active member since January 2022
"Hello everyone! My name is Autumn and I am from Florida, USA. I started learning Russian because I think the alphabet looks nice and I love how the language sounds! This club has been great for improving my skills, learning more about the culture and people, and for meeting awesome new people who share my interests!"
active member since March 2022
"Всем привет! I’m Katya and I am from Glasgow, Scotland. I started learning Russian 5 years ago after years of wanting to due to my love of Russian literature. This club is amazing, everyone is friendly, there are loads of learning methods shared. The environment in the club has helped me with my confidence when speaking Russia. It’s a great place for Russian learners and everyday is a fun school day in the chat."