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Community Video
How Our Everyday Life Changed Around the World
Hi from Saint Petersburg, Russia
I feel weird to say that, but we live in historical times and experience things that most of us didn't have in our lifetime. I want to document how everyday life of regular people around the world changes this year. I'd be really glad if you want to share a part of your life with me and with the world.

If you want to join our first community video
I have 7 questions for you. Just film yourself answering all/some of them. It's okay to use a phone. You don't need to edit it. It would be great if you take additional shots (like streets of your city, or prices at your local supermarket) but it's not necessary.

If you need to contact me: nikiproshin@protonmail.com, add "COMMUNITY VIDEO" to the title of your email.

0. What is your name? Where are you from?
Tell a little bit about yourself. Just like you'd introduce yourself to me if we met :)

1. What is the biggest difference in your everyday life before and now?
Share what changed personally for you.
(e.g. for me the biggest difference is the way I look into my own future. Most of my long-term dreams are affected by the current events and I'm more concerned about things that I haven't even thought before) - that's my personal example

2. How did you feel in the first week after February 24th?
Tell how did you receive the first news and what did you feel after that.
(e.g. for me it was something really unexpected, I read it in the morning news and had a strong fight-or-flight reaction for the next couple of hours)

3. How do you feel now?
Tell how your feelings changed compared to the first days.

4. How did the last month affect your life?
Tell everything that worries you personally.
(e.g. after all the recent events I started to take a greater care of my own feelings and emotions, it is my way to deal with stress and stay sane. I also started to think more globally than before)

5. How did the last month affect the lives of people around you?
Tell about your friends, family, or neighbours.
(e.g. every single friends of mine was affected somehow. Some lost jobs, some had to move to another place, some get serious anxiety problems and just few are feeling almost the same as before).

6. What are major changes in your city? (prices, shortages, protests, refugees, etc.)
Tell about what you observe around you.
(e.g. I see that Russian prices go up nearly for everything, people worrying about that very much but even more they worry about the raise of censorship around them. People are scared to show their real opinion publicly more than ever before)

7. What would you say to all people around the world?
Just 1-3 sentences about what matters for you the most.

Technical details:
  • Film horizontally, I will upload this video on Youtube!
  • Sound quality: avoid filming at windy or very noisy places.
  • Video quality: camera focused on your face, not dark, not shaky.
  • Don't edit your video, just send it as it is.
  • If video files are less than 2GB, use https://wetransfer.com to send it to me (nikiproshin@protonmail.com). For larger files, upload it on your Google Drive and share the link to me.